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Program Conditions

  • Only energy efficiency measures with defined electricity savings are eligible for incentives
  • Projects with payback periods of less than one year when bundled with complementary incentives will not qualify for funding under this program.

  • You must provide a minimum of 12 months of historical utility data for your building.

  • You must have an energy audit conducted by an Energy Management Service Provider. (Please refer to the directory of energy management service providers listed below.)

  • You cannot begin any project work prior to conducting an energy audit and receiving pre-approval from NB Power.

  • You must agree to grant NB Power permission to access future utility data upon written request.

Acceptable qualifications for service providers

It is your responsibility as the applicant to ensure that the professional you select has the necessary training, credentials and experience. Retaining the services of a competent energy professional throughout your project will help you realize the estimated energy savings.

For all buildings

Either a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), a Professional Technologist (PTech), a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET), an Architect or a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) must perform the pre-project energy audit; this individual must have at least two years of experience evaluating energy systems in buildings;

An Engineer-in-Training (EIT) under the supervision of a P.Eng., a PTech or a CET is acceptable, but the qualified and experienced supervisor must certify and sign the Application Form and audit report.

Click here for Questions to ask an Energy Management Service Provider (EMSP) [PDF]

Click here for a list of EMSPs


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Limitation of liabilities

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