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1. How long will the required steps take?

If you complete the program steps in a timely manner, the process will take approximately 1.5 months before you’re approved. After this, you’ll have the chance to choose when (in the next 90 days) projects will begin. If you wish to begin projects after the 90 day time frame, you must formally request this from NB Power.

2. Typically, how much is an audit?

Depending on the Energy Management Service Provider and the size of the building, prices may vary.

3. Where can I find a list of Qualified Service Providers in my area?

You can find a list of Qualified Energy Service Providers under Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program section on our website.

4. What if I am not an NB Power customer, can I still apply for this service?

Yes, you can still apply for this program. However, there will be a few slightly different steps and more information that may be needed.